Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Orla Kiely Sunglasses at Costco

There are two Orla Kiely sunglass styles available at Costco right now (please keep in mind, though, that these were the only two sunglasses I found at the Costco near me. I don't know how consistent Costco's stock is, so styles might vary from store to store). I actually blogged about the first pair a few weeks ago, but at the time I was still undecided so I wanted to go back and take another look at them, and also search for additional styles.

These were no longer attached to the display case, so I was able to try these on and get a better idea of how they look on me. I must say, I like them better now than I did the first time. I still wish the lenses were darker, but I do like the shape and colors.

These were still attached to the display case so I had to hold them in place to keep the security tag from showing.

These sunglasses look great from the front - nice dark lenses with a fun retro cat-eye. But those sides just look so weird to me. I even question if they're actually designed by Orla Kiely. They look far too modern and flashier than what I'm used to seeing from my favorite designer. Maybe if they weren't metal or had the weird dip, I'd like them better. There is a cute Multi Stem detail on the sides, however, with the Ditsy print towards the back.
There are elements of both sunglasses that I like that I wish I could combine to make the perfect pair - the Tortoise coloring and Ditsy printed sides of the first pair, with the cat-eye shape and darker lenses of the second pair. I think I might pass on both pairs (for now, at least) and hope I'll have better luck with the next collection. I absolutely LOVE my Tilda sunglasses from last summer, so I hope that I can find another pair that I love just as much.

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