Sunday, May 24, 2015

Haul + Review: Orla Kiely Linear Stem Cushions

$70 each ($49 here, $56 here, $59 here)

I finally purchased a set of Orla Kiely pillows! I got the Slate colorway, which has what appears to be a black (at least to me anyway) background with a cream Linear Stem pattern on one side, while the colors are simply reversed on the other side. I've been wanting these for years, but thought their price tag was much too high for pillows. And then I saw them for such a bargain at Century 21...

They were only $29.99 each! I was so excited and ordered them right away. I think stock was pretty limited because as soon as I checked out, they were already sold out from the website. I'm so glad I was able to snatch these up!

When I first opened these pillows, I was surprised at how thick and plush they were (so much so that it almost made the $70 price tag justifiable. Almost.) When I compare them to my pillows from Target (shown below which, by the way, I purchased for their Orla Kiely-esque look. Plus, I love birds!), they are definitely fluffier and the covers are thicker and seem more durable. They are made with 100% down fill and the covers are 90% cotton and 10% linen. I thought they might flatten out over time, but I've had them for a few weeks now, and they still look and feel just as plush as when I first opened them.

What I also LOVE about these pillows is that the covers have a zipper so you can remove them and throw them in the wash if they ever get dirty (which is bound to happen with my 2-year-old!) Most throw/decorative pillows do not have removable covers so you just have to spot clean them. I like the option of being able to remove these so I can wash them or even get new pillow inserts if I ever have to.


  1. I have been checking the store everyday for Orla's product. Finally I am able to find two pillows, in orange color. They don't have the rest of items in stock (except the bed items, which are very expensive) Can you believe that? I wish I can find the black/white color that you bought, but i am already very happy when i saw two pillows on the shelf!

    1. I'm glad you were able to find these in store! Unfortunately, I don't have a Century 21 near me (otherwise, I'd be there all the time!)