Saturday, May 2, 2015

Orla Kiely Brabantia Bins Now Available

Eek! The Orla Kiely for Brabantia kitchen bins are now available on the UK/Worldwide site! I am so excited for this because I haven't been able to find these for international shipping, but Orla Kiely's UK/Worldwide site offers free international shipping for orders over £200 (approximately $300). The most expensive bin is only £132 (approximately $200), but let's face it, it'll be easy to add items to reach the minimum threshold for free shipping. My husband thinks I'm officially a nut for wanting this trash can, but I'm going to keep it on my wish list anyway. Maybe I can convince him that I need it and that it's a totally practical purchase by Christmas :)

UPDATE: Welp, looks like these are only sold within the UK after all :( Boo! C'mon, Orla Kiely! Us living in the states want these, too! Let's keep our fingers crossed that these will become available soon for those living in the US!

I'm still having difficulty choosing which color I like better. On the one hand, the Cream version is more my style with its bright yellow lid. But the Charcoal & Orange one will probably go better with the red appliances in our kitchen. Plus, I mean, it's a trash can - it's gonna get dirty! So the darker color will help disguise dirt better. I imagine if I got the Cream color, I'd constantly be wiping it down to keep it looking perfect. What do you think? Which color do you prefer?


  1. Arrrhhhhhh!!!!!! I think I've got too much Orla (if there's such a thing for us Orla Nuts) in my kitchen already (seriously, it's just starting to look like a shop in there)...but I really like the white and yellow one more...May have to save up for this one for Christmas (or my birthday!) too. Hope your hubby changes his mind and he gets you one!! Oh but you know what, my sister just happened to have a Brabantia bin in her kitchen when I was visiting and I wasn't really impressed with the lid mechanism...Maybe it was just old?! I'm sure these ones will work perfectly... - Tracy

  2. Hang on, I was just looking at them on the website and it says they're only shipped within the UK! - T

    1. Oh no! Just saw that :( So disappointed. Maybe it'll be available in the US soon and by then my husband will be on board with getting one :)