Sunday, May 31, 2015

Up to 70% off Orla Kiely Luggage at Target

With the release of Orla Kiely's latest travel collection now in stores, it looks like Target is trying to clear out inventory of last season's luggage. My stores have the Car print suitcases marked down to 50% off, but people have spotted them in other Targets for 70% off! Wow, what a deal! So definitely check out your local Target - I know their pricing and availability is pretty inconsistent from store to store, but I hope you are all able to find these pieces at 70% off :)

Check out my previous Haul + Review post here on the Large Cars Roller Suitcase.


  1. blue stem large and carry on size are now 70% off. Both acorn cup and flower shadow cross body bags are also 70% off at Target.

    1. Thank you! I'd heard about that and just actually came home from Target, but the location I went to didn't have them anymore. Thankfully, there's about 10 Target stores near me, so I'll be store-hopping this weekend :)