Monday, May 25, 2015

Orla Kiely at Amara

Orla Kiely is now available for shipping to the US from Amara's site. I'm not sure how long this has been available as I've frequently browsed Amara's site, but have never been able to purchase anything because international shipping was not available for Orla Kiely items. However, I happened to be shopping the site again today, and noticed that the prices were listed in US dollars and shipping was available to the US for $15, or free on orders over $150. I'm super excited about this because they offer some items that are not available from Orla Kiely's US site (or even UK/Worldwide site), and I haven't had much luck finding them anywhere else. The availability of international shipping is such a convenience, especially since Amara also pays all customs duty fees.

Below are some of the items I've long had on my wish list, but was never able to purchase...until now!

Is an Orla Kiely tool box the most practical place to store your tools? No, but I still love it anyway!

I actually really like the yellow colorway of these plates, but for the sake of my husband's sanity, I'm opting for this charcoal version instead. I think he'll be more open to the idea of having Orla Kiely dinnerware if they're in a darker hue.



This cake dome is just sooooo pretty! It would look beautiful displayed at parties.






  1. C21 online had raised stem dinner, salad plates as well as cereal bowls few weeks ago. They are sold out but you may find them in store. They had slate, orange, and white.

    1. I'd heard about that! So bummed I missed out on them. They must've only been online for a few days because I check rather frequently, but I guess I just missed them. I absolutely love those Raised Stem dinnerware, and am actually hoping to find them at Burlington one day :)