Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Orla Kiely Towels at Burlington

One of my blog readers, Christina, was kind enough to inform me that Burlington (YES, Burlington!) sells Orla Kiely towels. There are three Burlington stores (somewhat) near me and I had been searching for a couple weeks now with no luck. I was spending Memorial Day with my Mom and she felt like going to Burlington so I thought, "Eh, why not. Maybe I'll find something."

I had not bought anything from Burlington in years simply because I can never find anything there that I like. So I was browsing the towel aisle, not really expecting anything, and then I spotted this small stack of Orla Kiely hand towels. 

For only $3.99 each!

So needless to say, I grabbed all three. And trust me, I searched every single shelf after that (and so did my Mom) for any other possible towels and couldn't find anything else. But I was still super happy with my finds. These towels are from the Sculpted Stem collection, which can still be found online in Duck Egg, Mushroom, and Slate.

Even though yellow is probably my favorite color, this particular shade, which is listed as Mimosa, is not one I would normally go for simply because it doesn't go with the color scheme of either of my bathrooms. Plus, it's definitely a more bright citron yellow, almost a bit greenish which is hard to tell from these photos, so it's a harder color to match (they are even listed as green on the Burlington price tag). I still love them, though, and I think I will use these as kitchen towels instead.

If you have a Burlington near you, make sure to check them out! The hand towels retail for $21 each, so these are such a steal at just under $4. Again, a big thanks to Christina for letting me know about this awesome find :)


  1. I love the Duck Egg color but I read some reviews online recently (maybe on Amazon? not sure) which said the towels were horrible quality. I'd love to hear how yours hold up after a few washes. Love all your reviews btw.

    1. Hi! The Duck Egg color is beautiful, but honestly, the towels are not the best quality. I bought some last year and they've been used and washed rather frequently, and they definitely did not hold up well. They are now just towels I use after I take a shower - not ones I would display in a guest bathroom or anything (at least not anymore since I've used them so much). It's disappointing, but I still love the prints so I buy/use them anyway. Hope this helps!

    2. Yes, thanks for the info. Sadly, I think quality has gone downhill in just about everything these days. I really get bummed about it. I'm sure these towels used to be high quality even just 10 years ago.

    3. Yeah, I totally agree with you. A lot of my favorite retailers just don't have the same quality that they had when I first fell in love with them. It really just comes down to the materials that are used. I actually think the craftsmanship is fine, but if better materials were used (leather instead of vinyl, cotton instead of polyester, etc) then I think the prices would be better justified.