Thursday, August 25, 2016

Orla Kiely FW16 Stem: Giant Linear Stem in Camel

The Giant Linear Stem print returns this season in the colorway Camel. I feel like this is the first time we've seen this classic print in the Backpack style as opposed to the Backpack Tote. I know those two seem like the same thing, and really they practically are, but the tote version zipped around the top, while this style zips just straight across. Also, this version does not have the rounded corners at the top, making it a bit boxier.









  1. I love this colour! But I am still keeping my fingers crossed that the
    Liquorice will go on sale soon! Delaying gratification is hard, especially
    with all the new and lovely items.

    1. Hopefully the Liquorice colorway will go on sale soon for you! I have a feeling it will since newer items are coming out. This Camel color is also beautiful :)