Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Orla Kiely Watches at ChrisElli

Just like my purse collection, my watch collection will never be complete as Orla Kiely continues to release new styles every season. Below are the latest additions to the Orla Kiely Time collection, which are now available at ChrisElli.

I'm thinking this watch might be my favorite of all the new releases. I love the Oval Stem print on the leather band.


OK4057 $114 and OK4058 $120
I quite like the style on the right as the flowers appear to alternate colors around the band.

OK2128 $120, OK2129 $114, and OK2127 $114
The Olive colorway intrigues me so much because I think it's quite a unique color for a watch.

OK2133 $114 and OK2134 $120
I love the retro font of the numbers seen here on the Madison watches, as well as on the metal versions shown below.

OK4055 $150 and OK4056 $162

I know the Nude colorway on the far right might look like a repeat, but it's actually just slightly different this time with an orange face as opposed to black (see my review on this watch here).

OK4050 $138, OK4051 $120, and OK4052 $138
And if leather is not your strap of choice, the Poppy Watch is also available in a metal finish in colors similar to the ones shown above.

Which styles are your favorite? Will you be adding any to your ever-growing collection of Orla Kiely?

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