Friday, August 19, 2016

Orla Kiely Pre-Fall 2016 Mainline: Textured Leather in Berry and Tan

Yay, Orla Kiely's Pre-Fall 2016 Mainline collection has just debuted on the UK/Worldwide site! I've been waiting excitedly for this collection as I've seen a few pieces from the lookbook that I was quite interested in. Here we have the Textured Leather collection in colors perfect for fall. My Mom has said that my collection will never be complete as I will always want a new bag from every season, and quite frankly, she is right. I mean, I don't have a bag in either the Berry or Tan colors shown below, so it's a justified purchase, right? (Right???)

Let's start with my favorite - the Mini Ivy bag in the Berry colorway. When I first started seeing this bag in promo shots, I thought it might've been a brand new style, but it is actually an oldie but a goodie. The Mini Ivy has long been a part of the mainline collection and I have one in the Sixties Stem Punched design from 2014 that I adore. However, I like this updated version better as it appears more structured and I love the deep berry color with its contrasting pink closure.

This is a close second favorite for me as I think the Sweet Pea style is so cute, but they are quite small. Definitely an ideal bag for evenings out or just running quick errands when you don't need to carry a lot.





Which style is your favorite so far? Once again, I'm excited for the Fall season and cooler temps!


  1. Love those colors, but I'm holding out for the Green Embossed stem juniper bag. Wish it would show up on Amazon. I wonder how long it will take before it does. I like the new leaf pattern on the UK site as well.

    1. I'm sure the Pre-Fall collection will be available soon. It seems Amazon doesn't get them in as quickly as before, and they do not always get the entire collection. Hopefully, your Juniper bag will be included! The Sycamore Leaf print is also very cute - I am liking the Willow bag in that collection :)