Friday, October 30, 2015

Candy Corn Nail Art

Photo from my Instagram. Follow me @iloveorlakiely :)
Nail polish colors: OPI Angel with a Leadfoot (white), Butter London Silly Billy (orange), Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights (yellow)

One of my favorite hobbies for the past couple years has been painting my nails. I probably have about 150 bottles of nail polish, and I paint my nails maybe 2-3 times a week. This week I decided to go for a candy corn look to celebrate Halloween, and it's by far my most complimented look. I've gotten tons of questions on how I did it, and it's actually probably one of the easiest nail art looks to do. It's often called gradient or ombre nail art, and all it takes are latex free foam wedges, white nail polish (as a base to make the colors really pop), your favorite nail polishes for the actual gradient, and  a brush and nail polish remover for cleanup. My favorite nail art YouTuber is Elleandish, and she has a  wonderful video on how to create this sponge gradient look, which is what I used to paint my nails. So if you're curious on how I painted my nails or if you want to recreate this look yourself, check her out here :)

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