Thursday, October 15, 2015

Orla Kiely Thursday Purseday: Textured Leather Mini Bay Bag

Happy Orla Kiely Thursday Purseday! I know it's been awhile, but I finally found a bit of time to take some photos of the latest addition to my collection. Now that fall is here, I've been finding so many amazing deals on Orla Kiely's Spring/Summer 2015 collection, mainly from Amazon.

Spring/Summer 2015 collection
Retail $398

The back of the purse has a patch pocket that I actually don't care too much for. I think it looks a bit awkward, but I figured since it's on the back of the purse, it won't be shown that often.

The bottom of the purse has feet, which I love because it helps protect the leather.

The sides have two rings for the detachable, adjustable strap.

I always seem to have a difficult time adjusting the straps on my Orla Kiely bags (does anyone else have this issue?) It was quite difficult pulling the tabs through the holes that I felt I was almost breaking them!

There's a cute little top handle for when you want to use this purse as a handbag. I think this would be ideal for evenings out, while the shoulder straps give it a more casual daytime look.

The inside features a navy colored Linear Stem jacquard lining.

One side has a zippered pocket.

The other side has two open pockets with attached key ring.

I actually purchased this bag...twice. The first time I found it on Amazon's Warehouse website for 60% off. I was unfamiliar with the Warehouse and was a bit skeptical about purchasing from there. This bag was listed as "used-like new" condition, which according to Amazon's website means "perfect condition, but due to the condition of the packaging, it does not meet standards for a new product." So I decided to take the risk and purchase this bag because I've been wanting it for awhile and thought 60% off retail was a good deal. When I got it in the mail, it was in fact new with its original packaging, tags, and dust bag, but I felt the leather looked a bit...dirty. I wasn't sure if it was meant to look this way, or if that was the reason why this bag was sold through Amazon's Warehouse. Anyway, it drove me crazy and of course, by this time the bag had dropped even lower in price on Amazon's regular site, so I figured I'd return this bag and rebuy it for brand new and for an even better price. Also, I was so curious to see if a different bag would have the same grayish tint to the leather. Welp, when I got this bag the second time, it did have the same grayish tint to it so I guess that's part of the design. From afar and in bright lighting, I don't notice it at all. Up close, though, I can see it, but it doesn't bother me anymore now that I know it's part of the design.


  1. Lovely bag. Did you see the new cosmetic bags from Orla Kiely in Target stores? I was in one yesterday and saw two new designs - green and blue flower and a small blue flower one - very nice.

    1. Thank you! I'd noticed people posting those cosmetic bags on eBay and I'd been trying to find them online ever since. I guess it's not available on the website yet, so I'll definitely check out my local Target stores! Thanks for the heads up :)