Saturday, September 3, 2011


So John and I just spent the afternoon antiquing. We visited Avonlea Antiques and the Antique Market of San Jose. I love looking at vintage items and fantasizing about the history behind them - the people who once owned them, the places they've been. John really wants to get a vintage Coke machine. Unfortunately, we didn't see any at the shops we went to today, but we have searched for them online, and they are quite expensive. Refinished machines can set you back about $3,000. We were inspired by John's old family friends in Pennsylvania, the Ellingtons. They have the most charming house, built in the early 1900s, filled with antiques including a working Coke machine they found at a thrift store. John and I do not live in our own cute house yet (still in a tiny condo), but when we do, John says we WILL get a vintage Coke machine and proudly display it in our living room. For now though, it's fun just to peruse our local vintage shops and fantasize about where we would place all our antiques in our hypothetical 1920s home. Here are some furniture pieces that I absolutely fell in love with today:

I would have liked to put this in our entryway. The numbers make it a fun, quirky piece. The seller wanted $265 for it, which wasn't bad, but we still tried to talk down the price. He would only take off 10% (and so it stayed behind at the store).

The price tag on this piece read "gossip chair" which is exactly what I would have used it for. I can just imagine myself lounging in it as I dial up my girlfriends to chat about fashion or the latest happenings in our busy lives. I imagine some posh woman previously owning it in the 1920s, undoubtedly gossiping with her girlfriends about topics much different from what us modern gals would talk about today.

I really like the distress on this vanity. I'm not too sure about the hardware though, but that would've been an easy fix.

I loved the shabby-chicness of this desk (although I'm not sure how it would look with our ultra modern Apple computer sitting on top of it).

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