Saturday, September 24, 2011

White Pants After Labor Day

I recently purchased a pair of white pants after being inspired by this photo of Jennifer Aniston.

This time of the year is a perfect time to purchase a pair of white pants since the summer season is slowly coming to an end and all of them are going on sale. I was able to snag this pair of AG Stevies from Anthropologie for only $39.95, when they usually retail for around $168.

I love the crisp look and feel to them. They have a bit of stretch so they are so comfortable and they are very figure-flattering. Of course they are too long on me, so I will have to get them hemmed, but I'm used to that anyway. I can't wait to pair these pants with my red-orange Pilcro Soft Bands Tee (I love orange and white together!) or my Papercrane Ikebana Mosaic Tee, both recently purchased from Anthropologie for only $19.95, marked down from $48 and $68, respectively.

I also plan on wearing my white pants with a grey tank top and strappy sandals and even try to find an outfit to match Aniston's above. I think her outfit looks fabulous. I love the layers and the combination of neutral colors, which Aniston has mastered - she always looks so effortlessly chic. Not too trendy, always classy with clean lines and silhouettes. I was initially worried that white pants would only make sense during the Spring/Summer season, but Aniston's outfit looks like something I can wear during the fall months, so I won't have to retire my white pants too soon!

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