Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I heard about Sprinkles Cupcakes as a result of reading one-too-many celebrity magazines and watching a lot of E! Apparently, this is THE celebrity cupcake of choice. So when John and I saw a Sprinkles in Chicago, we just knew we had to try it. These cupcakes were the BEST cupcakes ever! So moist, so delicious, and not too rich. Just the right amount of flavor and sweetness. Plus, they're just so darn cute!

There were so many delicious flavors to choose from, but John and I decided to get the strawberry and chocolate marshmallow. AND they also sold Coke in the old-school glass bottles, which is always a plus for John.

This is me about to eat the most delicious cupcake ever!

I would've taken a picture of John, but he had already devoured his.

I would highly recommend these cupcakes to anyone who is lucky enough to live near one of their bakeries. But if you don't, Williams Sonoma sells an alternative - Sprinkles Cupcake Mix (only $14.95 and it yields 12 cupcakes. A steal considering each cupcake at the actual bakery sells for $3.50). I've yet to try this mix myself, but I've read the customer reviews, and apparently making these cupcakes is no piece of cake (look for an upcoming post on how much I love puns). Supposedly, there's a lot of technique that goes into making these, more than what's required of  your typical Betty Crocker mix. One day I'll purchase one of these mixes (maybe I'll start with the dark chocolate mix) and report back what I think.

In the meantime, another good alternative would be Cami Cakes. If you have one of these bakeries near you, I would also give these a try. They also have many delicious flavors to choose from, and if you place a customized order, you can get yours super fresh, which of course is when they are the most delicious. Plus, they are only $2.50 each and if you order 11 cupcakes, you get the 12th one free!

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