Thursday, September 1, 2011


Since I'm dedicating this blog to things I love, I wanted to write a post about the LOVE of my life: my husband, John. He is truly the most amazing person I have ever met. Many people ask me, "What's the best part about being married?" and I often reply, "Being able to be with your most favorite person in the world anytime you want."

I believe that in any relationship, whether a marriage, a friendship, or while dating, it's always about the little things. Here are some of the things that John does for me, however small the gesture, that make me feel so  happy:

1. He gives the most AMAZING back rubs (Seriously. Even better than the $100 ones that you get from a fancy spa.)

2. He always knows the right things to say whenever I'm feeling down.

3. He knows to fill my glass to the very top with ice whenever I want something to drink (I told you - it's all about the little things.)

4. He enjoys vacuuming (You'll soon discover in later posts what a neat-freak I am and how obsessed I am with organizing.)

5. He gets me more than any person ever has.


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