Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The House on Remington

It occurred to me that after I wrote my last post, I probably should have posted more pictures of the house that John liked (and that I'm starting to really like too - we may just have found a winner!)

Here's the outside of the house. What do you think of the bright green window box? It's fun and quirky, but I think if we got this house, I might paint it a different color. But we love everything else about the outside - beautiful paint color, nice landscaping, and a quiet street.

And now for the inside of the house:

 Bedroom 1

Bathroom downstairs

 Bedroom 2 (currently known as the baby's room - John really liked the wall decal!)

Bedroom 3

Closet in bedroom 3

Dining room (check out the retro TV - I love that! Maybe they'll throw that in with the house :)

(Modern) kitchen

Living room (the room in the back is the foyer, which used to be the porch)

Attached(!) garage - very rare for a house this old

Bedroom 4 (upstairs)

Bedroom 4 again

Bathroom upstairs

Bedroom 5 upstairs (yeah, there are 5 bedrooms! Lots of room for future kids :) or maybe the Orla Kiely room?)

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