Monday, January 2, 2012

Anthropologie Birthday Discounts

With my birthday just a few days away, Anthropologie sent me a 15% birthday discount that I can use in-store on any item (even sale items) during the month of January (unfortunately, it's for one-time use only, so I have to make sure to buy all the items I want at one time to take advantage of this coupon.) If you have an Anthro card, then I believe they send you these birthday discounts every year. The Anthro card is not a credit card - it's simply a way to keep track of your purchases if you ever lose your receipt (and of course, to get these great birthday coupons!) Last year, I received both a coupon to use in-store and a separate email coupon for online use only. I haven't received any emails yet, but I hope I will soon! And as with everything Anthropologie, the card came in the cutest packaging.


  1. Don't you just love BDay discounts from Anthro?! I just used my online one on the last possible day (December 31) and went a little crazy! I did in store too though. I hope you get some good items and I hope you post what you get. :)

  2. I did the same thing last year - waited 'til the last day to use my discounts just in case they got new items in or some of the things I wanted went on sale. I went to my local Anthro today to get an idea of what I wanted, but they didn't have the new spring line in yet, so I'll probably go back later this week. I'll definitely post what I get! :)