Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Odille Slouched Sailor Blouse

Slouched Sailor Blouse by Odille

I'd been wanting to try on this blouse ever since I saw it in their catalogue. I love the pretty mint green color and all the details are so delicate and sweet. I also wanted to try to recreate the outfit pictured on the model below. I already have Pilcro's Stet Slim Ankle Cords in yellow so I thought this blouse would look cute with it.

Item: Slouched Sailor Blouse by Odille
Color: Mint
Size: XS
Overall Rating: 3/5

I really wanted to love this top because I just absolutely love the minty green color. But this blouse was so huge. I'm already wearing the XS and as you can see, the sleeves are at my wrists even though I think it's supposed to be a 3/4 length. I didn't even have to unbutton the top to put it on - I was able to just slip it over my head. I like billowy blouses but I think this was too much. If this were offered in an XXS, then I think that would've been better. I still think the design and color are fantastic. It's just the size was way too big. Maybe if it goes on sale, I will reconsider, but for now, it's a pass.

In this picture, I'm wearing the Pilcro Straight Ankle Chinos in Coral.

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