Monday, January 16, 2012

Dillards Outlet

I scored big today at my local Dillards Outlet. I noticed that at my regular Dillards department store, my Kate Spade Pebble Point wedding china was no longer available. So I thought to myself, "Hmm, what are the chances that they moved them to the outlet center?" And lo and behold, they were there.

Granted, it wasn't a full place setting, but I was still able to snag these three pieces for only $25. Originally, this would have set me back $114 (I still don't get why dinnerware is so expensive). What I got here is the dinner plate ($8.61, marked down from $41), the accent plate which is not included with the regular place setting but oh well ($9.45, marked down from $45), and the salad plate ($5.88, marked down from $28). Talk about a steal right?! I was skeptical at first to purchase these because a) it was not a complete set and b) there are some minor imperfections such as a few scratches. I happened to be on the phone with my mother-in-law at the time and she said, "BUY THEM" and pointed out that one dinner plate alone would cost more than all three plates combined. She also said to ignore the tiny scratches. And if I want to complete this set, I can always buy the cup and saucer separately, which honestly, I probably won't do because I more than likely won't use them. 

When I brought these plates home, I washed them, then pulled out the dinnerware I did have to compare. Now that the plates are cleaned, I don't really see any of the imperfections and feel that they are a close match to the ones I got for original price.

Plates bought for full retail

Plates bought on clearance at Dillards

Not much difference, right? I am so happy with this purchase. I only wish I had thought to visit the Dillards Outlet sooner to see if they had any more place settings. Maybe one day they'll get more in stock as other Dillards department stores start clearing out their old inventory of Kate Spade. For now though, these plates will make a happy addition to my ever-growing collection of dinnerware (I'm at 5 1/2 place settings now!)


  1. The Dillards outlet only had those 3 pieces left?

  2. Yup, just these three pieces. Trust me - I looked everywhere.