Monday, January 16, 2012

Orla Kiely at American Eagle

I made the most amazing discovery today - American Eagle sells Orla Kiely.

I was beyond excited and started frantically gesturing at the table display to my Mom. It's so hard to find Orla Kiely anywhere (random boutiques will occasionally carry the line, but it's rare). So to see Orla Kiely at such a mainstream store was a pleasant surprise. 

Now, I think my collection of Orla Kiely journals is complete. What will I do with these notebooks you ask? I haven't decided on that yet. A possible diary? Maybe a place to jot down my goals? A place to write my random thoughts (isn't that the purpose of this very blog)? For now, they will simply make a pretty display atop my desk and make me smile every time I look up at them.


  1. Only time will tell if this brand remains upscale vice just being an ordinary brand that you see everywhere. You yourself can come up with so many designer names with an upscale startup but now found in bargain stores.

    1. That's true. i guess I just don't want it to become too mainstream - it makes it less special to me. But I guess finding Orla Kiely in "bargain" stores is better than having to buy it from their website or even from overseas.