Monday, January 9, 2012

Lili's Closet Dropped Dots Dress

Dropped Dots Dress by Lili's Closet

I went to Anthropologie yet again yesterday to try to use my birthday coupon. I found a few things that I liked and brought them with me to the fitting room. This dress caught my eye immediately because of the polka dots and the retro style.

Item: Dropped Dots Dress by Lili's Closet
Size: 0
Overall Rating: 5/5

The stock photo above does not do this dress justice. This dress was SO flattering and I absolutely loved it! Rarely do I find a dress that fits so perfectly - it was tailored so well that even the sales associates in the fitting room said that the dress looked like it was made just for me. A lot of online reviewers said that the dress was too tight up top, but since I have a small bust, I didn't have this problem. So I think this dress is best suited for very petite women. I'm usually between a size 0 or 2, and I tried on both sizes in this dress, but the one pictured above is the 0. The 2 was still fitted, but it was a little looser in the shoulder area, and everyone in the fitting room said that the 0 simply looked better. Often times, I have to take my dresses to a tailor because it's not fitted enough, especially in the bust area, but this dress was very tailored so I wouldn't even have to worry about any alterations, which is a definite plus! 

The back of the dress has a deep-v and zipper. It was very easy to slip on and zip myself up and the deep-v in the back wasn't too deep - it still covered my bra. I love the hourglass retro shaping of this dress - I felt like I was in the 50's when I wore it, which is a decade that I kinda wished I lived through simply because the dresses were so cute. Even though the polka dots are a somewhat bold pattern, I still think you can wear this dress so many different ways. You can add on a belt to cinch in the waist even more, which is pretty much flattering on any woman. The belt could be skinny, wide, leather, ribbon, brown, yellow, so on and so forth. You can pair this dress with so many different types of shoes. Although I wouldn't normally think to wear flats with a dress like this, it actually looks quite nice with the ballet flats I wore to the store, which is how it's styled online.

The ballet flats make it a casual dress for day, but you can certainly dress it up with heels. You can also wear this dress with a cardigan or jacket, with different jewelry, a hat, scarves, various purses and accessories - the list goes on and on! For a polka dot print, it's still very versatile. I feel very Rachel Berry in this dress. I love how she dresses this season on Glee - her clothes are so retro and they're very tailored. Overall, I would highly recommend this dress, especially if you are a petite woman with a penchant for polka dots :)

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