Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

Happy 2012 everyone!

Last night, John and I went to our friend's Joey and Katherine's place to ring in the new year. Joey LOVES fireworks so he always has a ton to light up. I personally like the sparklers.

In this picture, I'm
wearing the
Frilled Echelons Peacoat
by Elevenses

Did you know you can make your own firework out of coffee creamer and gunpowder? Well, I didn't until my friend JR showed us.

We lit one firework that looked like an airplane. Honestly, we weren't sure what it was supposed to do. When we finally lit it, it went sideways, straight up in the air, diagonally - pretty much everywhere which caused us to run screaming into the garage. One firework even went straight for a tree and admittedly I was a bit worried it would catch on fire.

We always have such a great time lighting up fireworks on New Year's Eve. Our displays seem to get bigger and bigger every year. In fact, about 30 other neighbors came out to watch. It's almost tempting to start charging admission next year :)


  1. Firecrackers on New Years Eve!! Love!!! Cute coat too, of course:)

  2. Thanks! I absolutely love this peacoat. I wear it all the time.