Saturday, August 29, 2015

50% Orla Kiely Kitchen Items

A few of Orla Kiely's kitchenware items have been marked down to half off on the US site. I'm admittedly a bit spoiled after having found so many ceramics from Burlington for up to 90% off, BUT if you don't have a Burlington store near you or you haven't had much luck finding any of these pieces in your store, these are still really good buys. See what's available below :)

On sale $42 (originally $84)

On sale $27 (originally $54)

Abacus Flower Salad Bowl - Large
On sale $29 (originally $59)

On sale $56 (originally $112)
This piece I actually want to splurge on. I have had a few people email me telling me they've had luck finding this piece at Burlington, but I've been searching for months now and haven't been able to find it (yet).

Poppy Meadow Butter Dish
Blue and Brown
On sale $22.50 each (originally $45)

Abacus Flower Milk Jug
Brown and Red
On sale $20 each (originally $40)

Flower Stem Mug
Blue and Poppy
On sale $7 each (originally $14)

Flower Tile Mug
Grey and Poppy
On sale $7 each (originally $14)


  1. I just had a blow out of a day at Burlington, this past Wednesday. I did find the Abacus creamer...I could not believe my eyes. For the first time I found face clothes and PILLOWS!! Also, a cake plate with a glass dome with the leaf print on it. This was after being in two Burlingtons with NOTHING. When I see Orla stuff on Ebay, I check to see what part of the country it is coming from. Seems the East coast gets lots of nice things. I found butter dishes in Rhode Island and a tea pot, though the top was broken.

    1. Wow, such great finds! Glad you were able to score so many awesome things. And I have been searching for that Orla Kiely cake dome FOREVER - so jealous you were able to find one :) I also check out eBay to see where the items are coming from, and yeah, it does appear that many of them are from up north or the east coast. My Burlington stores here are looking pretty sparse now, but I still search every week just to make sure I don't miss out on anything :)

  2. I found two cake plates with glass domes awhile back. I've not found more cake plates since.....

    1. Aw, so lucky! The cake dome is the number one item I've been looking for. Still hoping to find it :)