Thursday, August 20, 2015

Orla Kiely FW15 Mainline: Embossed Stem in Mustard and Indigo

Orla Kiely's Fall/Winter 2015 Mainline collection continues to grow with the return of some classic styles, as well as a few new additions, in the Embossed Stem leather in Mustard and Indigo. Yellow, especially mustard yellow, is my favorite color, so I'm so excited to see this hue as part of the collection. 

Embossed Stem Ella Bag
This is probably my favorite bag out of the bunch. I love its classic shape, and the size and style are perfect for work.

Embossed Stem Large Ella Bag
We are already familiar with the Ella Bag, but now we have the Large Ella Bag. The dimensions are H28 cm x W35 cm x D15.3 cm (versus H23 x W31 x D15 of the original). I might actually end up liking this style better for work because I'm always carrying a ton of papers in my bag.

Embossed Stem Willow Bag
The Willow Bag is another classic, but this version has just a few slight changes. The sides are extendable and the straps are adjustable, a couple neat features to make this bag more personalized for your style.

Embossed Stem Duffle Backpack
Oh, another backpack! I love these so much, it's almost an addiction. This backpack has a couple interesting details, including its shape and the straps, which can be adjusted so that the bag can be worn as a handbag as well. Last year's Sixties Stem Punched Laurel Leather Backpack was a convertible as well and I LOVE it, but I always found that when I tried to wear it as a crossbody, it looked a bit awkward because the purse was so huge and boxy that it never looked quite right on my frame. So I ended up wearing it mostly as a backpack. I'm curious to see, though, how this Duffle Backpack will look as a handbag, and wonder if its shape will transfer better as a handbag than the Laurel Backpack did. 

Embossed Stem Forget Me Not Bag
I've always loved these Forget Me Not bags, and I think this is my favorite version yet. It has a curved front pocket and leather trims.

Embossed Stem Big Zip Wallet

Embossed Stem Flat Zip Wallet

Embossed Stem Medium Folded Purse
These smaller wallets are always favorites of mine because they are just big enough to hold your essentials, but small enough to fit in your smallest of bags or even in your pocket.

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