Friday, August 21, 2015

Orla Kiely FW15 Mainline: Printed Check Leather in Black and Fawn

Orla Kiely's Fall/Winter 2015 collection is probably one of my favorite campaigns ever. I especially love the image above, which features the Printed Check Leather Large Holly Bag in a print reminiscent of graph paper, sitting atop a stack of math books. I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me (you know, being a math teacher and all). And on that note, I did recently return to work, so my lack of blog posts is due to the fact that I've been super busy adjusting to a new school year and settling into my old routine. But I hope to pick things back up soon and write more frequent posts!

These Printed Check Leather bags are just perfect for fall. They come in two colorways this season - Black, which has a cream checked pattern and yellow trims, and Fawn, which has light pink and black accents. I love both styles, but I think I like the Black just slightly more because of the pops of yellow, which is a color I love so much.

Printed Check Leather Large Holly Bag
Black and Fawn
This is my favorite bag out of the whole collection. I don't own a Holly Bag yet, but this larger version seems like the perfect first one to own. It'll be great for work, and of course I love the yellow trim at the top.

Printed Check Leather Ella Bag
Black and Fawn

Here's a side view of the Ella Bag so you can get a better idea of the pops of yellow on the Black colorway. 

Printed Check Leather Willow Bag
Black and Fawn

I am absolutely loving these detailed shots that Orla Kiely has now included on her website. Here, you can see the logo stamped on the back of the Willow Bag.

Printed Check Leather Sweet Pea Bag
Black and Fawn
Such a cute little bag!

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