Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Orla Kiely Window Panels On Sale BUT...

The Orla Kiely window panels at Target are now 20% AND you can save an additional 10% off with code AUGUST10. If you buy two sets, this ends up being about the same deal as last week's buy one, get one 40% off sale. The 84" panels are on sale for $27.99 (originally $34.99) and the 94" panels are $34.39 (originally $42.99). Seems like a good time to buy, right? Well, hold on a sec...

I've been getting several emails/comments from people who have ordered the panels expecting to get two per set. Makes sense right? They're shown as a pair in the photos and Target's website specifically lists that there are two pieces included. However, everyone's been getting only ONE panel. Doesn't seem like such a good deal anymore, huh? Some folks have had good luck with customer service and are being sent additional panels at no extra cost, while others have been told that there's nothing that can be done except order another or return the one they have if they're not happy. It's quite frustrating how inconsistent Target is being! As of right now, Target's website still states that two pieces are included.

To keep things fair, I think Target should either 1) make sure all future orders include TWO panels and send extra panels to those who've already ordered and received only one, or 2) change the number of pieces to ONE and lower the price. Either way, Target needs to be more CONSISTENT with how these orders are being handled. It's not fair that some people have been promised the additional panel at the price they paid, while others are being told tough luck and to just return their one panel if they're unhappy. I was ready to order these panels myself, but now I'm not so sure and will probably wait a few days to hear how everyone's issues are being resolved. I have a friend from Instagram, Margo, who's been in contact with a Target supervisor and was told that they are currently filing an "item inaccuracy report" and will be contacted once a correction is made, whatever that means. I'll update you all once I found out more, but feel free to share your experiences with this issue in the comments below!

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