Monday, September 14, 2015

Orla Kiely's Shop the Look Feature

Orla Kiely has added a pretty nifty new feature on her UK/Worldwide website called "Shop the Look." This feature allows you to click on outfits from the lookbook and shop select pieces that are shown on the model. It appears, though, that not all of the pieces show up. For example, in the outfit below, you can shop the Silk Crepe Scallop Blouse, Angelina Shoes, and Printed Check Leather Willow Bag, but the Felted Wool Skirt does not show up even though it's now available online (the matching jacket, however, is not so it makes sense why that one doesn't appear down below). I'm guessing they just wanted to keep the feature simple and only place select items as this appears to be the case for every outfit. But I still find it quite curious since, well, isn't that the point of a "shop the look" feature? 

I'm nonetheless pretty happy with this feature, something that I mentioned wishing they had when they first launched the app. I think it's wonderful that the Orla Kiely team is making such great changes to the website, making it even easier and more enjoyable to shop all of the pieces.

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