Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Orla Kiely Small Backpacks

Just when I thought my obsession for backpacks couldn't get any bigger, Orla Kiely releases a new, even cuter, style - the Small Backpack. Measuring H10.4" x W10.2" x D3.6" (the original version is H14.8 x W12 x D3.6), it's still a pretty good size and has the same features as the regular backpack tote, which include a zippered front pocket, Linear Stem jacquard lining, interior pockets, and attached key chain. 

Loooove this version! Makes me almost wish I didn't already have my Classic Multi Stem Backpack Tote. Almost :)

So super cute! I only want to invest in one of these small backpacks this season, and this one will probably be it.

I wasn't initially a huge fan of this Apple colorway, but the way it looks on this small backpack is winning me over.

A great color option for the upcoming fall/winter season!


  1. These are all so cute! I'm really starting to like the Apple color of the Giant Linear Stem. It's so cheerful!

    1. It's definitely growing on me, too! They're all very adorable :)