Monday, September 28, 2015

Orla Kiely iPhone 6 Cases Now Available in the US

Orla Kiely's iPhone 6 cases are now available on the US website. In the past, it would take awhile for the US site to stock the latest items, but now it seems they are releasing many of the items at the same time (or at least really close to) as they debut on the UK/Worldwide site. It seems Orla Kiely is realizing that her US fanbase is growing :) I'm so happy that these are readily available in the US and I don't have to worry about international shipping fees. I wonder if these will be available in stores as well? Now all I need is an iPhone 6! I currently have the iPhone 5 and am not in any need of a new phone at the moment. I always end up with my husband's hand-me-downs as he usually likes to get the latest and greatest, so soon as I get his iPhone 6, I'll definitely pick up these cases. It'll just be difficult choosing a favorite :)

Yellow is just such a fun and cheerful color, and currently one of my favorites.

I love this new Cat print, which also incorporates a flower design in the corners. The Flower Stem is also a classic and personal favorite of mine, so this pack might be the one I end up with. I just kinda wish they were available in a different colorway. I do think the colors look lovely, but the apple green is just not my favorite. If it were more of a mint green, then I'd be happy with that.

Elephant & Tulip Stem iPhone 6 Twin Pack
$34.99 and $39.99 for iPhone 6+
The Elephant print is beyond adorable and I think the colors on the Tulip Stem case are SO pretty.

Here is what the inside of the case looks like, which is made with a moulded TPU inner, while the exterior is made of a high gloss hardshell.


  1. Thank you for posting this, I was wondering when these fabulous iPhone 6 cases would be available here, I follow a UK Facebook page called Orla Kiely Preloved (it's a wonderful page I hope you follow it too) and they have been posting about these cases available there, I am so happy we can get them here too

    1. Yes, I am a member of that group, too :) I admit, it's difficult for me to follow because I'm not too Facebook savvy haha. I am actually thinking of starting a similar Facebook group, but for those living in the US. I'm hoping to get some type of trading/selling group up so we can find items that we might've missed out on.